Iranian film festival to begin in Chennai


The Color of Paradise / 1999 / Dir: Majid Majidi / 90 min / Feb 11 / 7:45 pm
“The Color of Paradise” is a fable of a child’s innocence and a complex look at faith and humanity. Visually magnificent and wrenchingly moving, the film tells the story of a boy whose inability to see the world only enhances his ability to feel its powerful forces.

I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old / 2002 /Dir: Rasoul Sadrameli / 110 min /Feb 11/ 6 pm
Fifteen year old Taraneh, whose widowed father is in jail, refuses the unwanted attentions of carpet salesman Amir – until Amir’s mother talks Taraneh into accepting Amir’s marriage proposal. Within four months the couple realize that they are incompatible, they divorce and Amir emigrates back to Germany. When Taraneh discovers she is pregnant she decides against all advice and intense social pressure, to keep the baby.

Crazy Castle / 2015 /Dir: Abolhassan Davoodi / 110 min / Feb 12 / 6 pm
The story of a young friends who met on the Internet and a fun way to bet on a complex and daunting fall. The path to a new understanding of life and society for Each of them.

Sweet Taste of Imagination / 2014 / Dir: Kamal Tabrizi / 94 min / Feb 12 / 7:45 pm
An imaginative dreamer university named Garoos professor falls in love with a student who resembles her teacher in this manner. Their love story is endangered when a business competitor sets Garoos up for unethical behavior.

Alzheimer / 2011 / Dir: Ahmad Reza Mo’tamedi / 98 min / Feb 13 / 6 pm
A story about Human beings and their relations which has a man in the center of it. Because of a car accident he has Alzheimer and must face a different new world.

Wet Dream / 2006 / Dir: Pouran Derakhshandeh / 100 min / Feb 13 / 7:35 pm
16 year-old Arash is reaching puberty. After years of living with his mother, he leaves her to live with his father. Once there, he visits a girl who changes his life.



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