International Week of the Deaf – ‘Speaking Pad’


Percept Pictures Short Film ‘Speaking Pad’ salutes the enduring spirit of the Deaf Community on ‘International Week of the Deaf’

A Tribute to create mass awareness for the accomplishments & challenges faced by 70 million Deaf people worldwide

Percept Pictures digital arm ‘Indian Chronicles’ pays tribute to the enduring spirit and accomplishments of the Deaf Community with its Short Film ‘Speaking Pad’ on the occasion of ‘International Week of the Deaf’ celebrated across the globe in the last week of September (25 – 30 September, 2016). The film is an engaging and poignant real-life narrative of Mumbai based sketch artist Gulam Hussain who is hearing-impaired and mute. The story revolves around a regular day in Gulam Hussain’s life, and showcases his daily challenges, triumphs, and above all, his optimistic and upbeat attitude to life and the world around him. The objective of the film is to create mass awareness of theinequality and ignorance this differently-abled community suffers at the hands of societies across the world, celebrate their resolve and achievements, and highlight the unnoticed rich world of Deaf culture.

‘Speaking Pad’ pays homage to the strength and willpower of the Deaf community as it showcases the protagonist’s journey through the thick and thin of life, with a focus on his positive and courageous attitude to embracing his physical challenges and earning a respectable livelihood. Even as Gulam Hussain sketches portraits to make people look like their favourite Bollywood heroes, his buoyant spirit and grit make him the real life hero. ‘Speaking Pad’ helps to shed light on the sheer determination of the differently-abled to carve a niche for themselves in Mumbai – the fast paced city of dreams, where they refuse to let their handicap rob them of their aspirations and their smile. The film deals with an extremely sensitive issue, yet tackles it in the most minimalistic, raw and straightforward style with an aim to reach out and connect with 70 million Deaf people worldwide, as also draw the attention of legislators, policy makers, and the general public to the achievements, challenges and concerns of the Deaf community.

The ‘International Week of the Deaf’ is promoted by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), an international organization representing approximately 70 million people worldwide. The week is a celebration of the achievements of the Deaf Community and helps create awareness of the segregation and problems faced by this community. ‘World Deaf Day’ is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of the month of September to draw attention of the general public, politicians and development authorities to fulfil the demands and needs of the deaf people as well as recognize their equal rights in society.



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