International Plastic Surgery Day 2018

Press conference on International Plastic Surgery Day 2018 by Dr. Sasikumar Muthu MS MCh, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, PEARL HEALTH

The social responsibility awareness on Reconstructive & Cosmetic surgeries in view of International Plastic Surgery Day which falls on 15th July 2018 is an important marker for us, and it helps countless people get better on life.

The keyword in whatever we do is safety. As medical professionals, safety is paramount and the International Plastic Surgery Day is where we get to showcase to the world that there is nothing to fear about Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery in general.

This year we would like to showcase the role of Plastic surgery as twofold. Cosmetic surgery is providing solutions for people who want to look their best, is offering hope for people to reach perfection. To make this easy, we have decided to focus on BOTOX. With a live demo if the amazing results of Botox Therapy on a model we will showcase how effective and easy looking fit and young is. Needless to say this will dispel any fear that an onlooker may have regarding the procedure and regarding cosmetic surgery in general.

However Cosmetic Surgery is not just about looking good. There is the world of non-elective Plastic Surgery also. We have taken up rehabilitation of burn injuries. Burn injuries both suicidal and homicidal has always been a stress on healthcare system. Survivors have either a permanent disfigurement or severe disturbance in functioning due to post burn contractures. These contractures are released by the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons worldwide by procedures like Z Plasties, Contracture release with SSG or Flap covers.Patients released from contractures still have a long way to go in order to get as close to normalcy as possible.

We will be showcasing live, a burn victim who has had Plastic Surgery, so that the audience to see the massively beneficial effect Plastic surgery has, almost immediately. Besides its beneficial effect on the movement, it also helps them to regain their lost confidence and get them back to society. They aren’t anymore a burden to the family or society and can lead a productive life.

The goal we want to achieve is let the world know that Cosmetic Surgery is perfectly safe, attainable, and goes a long way to boost positive self image. At the same time we also want to showcase how safe and effective critical life saving plastic surgery is.

By spreading this awareness we will be able to reach more such people who still don’t know it can be corrected or are too afraid to undergo the procedure.

Why spread this awareness on this Particular Day?

As a Full-life member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India we abide by its idea to spread awareness on various surgical issues, cater to the needy and deliver the best care always year after year. By this we are able to serve more people who otherwise are left to suffer due to lack of awareness amongst the family and friends.



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