Interesting Name Rumored To Play Batman


Ever since Ben Affleck confirmed that he is not going to be donning the cape for Matt Reeves’ Batman movies, social media is abuzz and nominating several actors to fill in Affleck’s shoes. Although the actor has played Batman in just two movies – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, the actor has left a huge impact on DC fans.

Following his exit, fans are left wondering who could play the next Batman. And while names like Kit Harrington and Jake Gyllenhaal are on fan lists, there is one name that has left us stumped – Nick Jonas. Now if you’re wondering how his name has cropped up in the running all of sudden, let us tell you that fans hadn’t picked him.

He nominated himself. The international singer, who recently tied the knot with Priyanka Chopra, took to Instagram and showcased his interest. The Jealous singer, who was seen in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, revealed his interest on an Instagram post by Hypebeast.



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