Intercontinental and L Nitin Chordia of Cocoatrait presented ‘Origin’, a fine chocolate appreciation session


Intercontinental in collaboration with L Nitin Chordia of Cocoatrait presented a chance to experience fine artisanal, bean to bar chocolates from 6 different origins in a 90 minute “Origin”, a fine chocolate appreciation session that took place on 23rd September 2017 at Intercontinental, ECR.

Apart from learning how to appreciate fine chocolates the right way, audience also discovered various flavour notes, bitterness, acidity and mouth feel and understand there is so much to discover in fine chocolates. The audience was also taken through the journey of how chocolate was made and a virtual visit to a cacao farm! In this learning journey, the pairing possibilities of chocolates were also discussed.

L Nitin Chordia is India’s 1st Certified Chocolate Taster and Judge at the International Chocolate Awards, London. Nitin is the 1st Non-founder teacher at the Institute and teaches in London. Nitin operates Cocoatrait and conducts fine chocolate appreciation/tasting sessions across the world with an aim to promote fine chocolate consumption. Nitin along with his wife also operates Asia’s only integrated chocolate school called Cocoashala.



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