Inside the Box


Inside the Box

The Olive Bistro, an offering from the Olive Bar and Kitchen group, recently completed two years marking their endeavour to introduce Hyderabad and food aficionados to a setting complete with good food, great wine and unforgettable handmade experiences

This season Olive Bistro’s latest offering is The Bistro Box, filled with nostalgia and sunshine. Delicious lunch boxes from North Africa, Greece, Spain and Portugal that are affordable, delicious and oh, so satisfying!

Crafted with local ingredients, inspired by international flavours, Chef Arun, Executive Sous Chef for the Olive Bistro, Hyderabad has incorporated a variety of rice preparations to choose from. “A quick satisfying meal designed around everyone’s personal preferences while satiating all the senses,” says the chef.

To name a few on offer is the ‘spiced orange and tomato sauce with chickpeas’ and ‘saffron rice’ from North Africa, or the deep flavours of Piri Piri, ‘fresh herbs and black eyed peas with green pea rice” from Portugal, rice has taken a new avatar in the lunch box.

Once you pick a country, choose a protein to go with it. Keeping the vegetarians in mind the menu has on offer baked eggplant and tomatoes, sauteed wild mushrooms and spiced buffalo mozzarella.

For the carnivores, on offer are some exciting options, such as, grilled river sole, crisp chicken tenders, beef slivers and even a slow braised pork that perfectly compliment which ever box you choose.

Finally finish this with a topping of your choice from sorrel pesto (gongura), tomato salsa, Tzatziki, orange and mustard slaw and more. So whether you’re in the mood for a creamy Greek Tzatziki box or a North Africa marinated prawn lunch box, pop by Olive Bistro and be ready for a food adventure. The sunshine and the view of the lake are on the house.

The bistro sits perched high amidst the city’s seven hills at the scenic Durgam Cheruvu called ‘The Secret Lake’, on whose serene shores teals gather and peacocks strut. Its rough white walls and flowered alleyways of cobblestone are reminiscent of a sun-washed Greek island. Step inside and it’s all stonework, unmatched furniture and old pictures – a classic rustic bistro with a huge, big heart.

At the bistro you have an option of an al fresco and indoor seating. Soak in the atmosphere while you settle down to a languid meal with soft world music playing in the background. 

Address: Olive Bistro, Road No 46 Jubilee Hills, At Kona’s  Tel: +91-40 69999127



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