Innovative coolers from Paper Boat this summer


This summer Bangalore-based Paper Boat is back with new and unique drinks. Chilli Guava – a sweet and sour drink with a tang of spice and a raw bite with a promise to transport you straight back to the time when you couldn’t wait for school to end and run to the vendor down the road with your friends.




A second surprise is Neer More, a spiced buttermilk straight from the heart of South India. Cool, refreshing and the ultimate thirst quencher, this delight in a pack will be reminiscent of Chaas and its many variants for others across the country. The ethnic drinks maker had recently introduced Panakkam, a jaggery drink to quench the thirst of people in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai. To promote its new drinks, the company has launched TVC campaigns that carry Paper Boat’s signature style – fun, quirky short films connecting with the brand promise of drink and memories.




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