‘Innaleyolum’ To Premiere On Mother’s Day !


The Musical Short Feature has been Produced by Mesmerix Entertainments 

As a tribute to Mother’s Day, Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri, the award winning author of the Malayalam novel, Hiranyagarbham would be launching his first directorial debut, a short film titled ‘Innaleyolum’ on 12th May , 2019 at Padma Theatre Kochi. “Writing and directing a film ( a short feature in duration but then with all the pains and perils of a full length film) was no easy task and that too amidst my current profile of heading a global CSR organisation . Nevertheless , along with my awesome team , I enjoyed the process thoroughly . It was during one of those ‘discussions to make Hiranyagarbham a film’, that some one very dear to me put forward this seed of writer-director in me. I never ever learnt the art of direction with the intention of becoming one and hence I still wonder if have done my job as I wanted to. ‘Innaleyolam ‘ is a subject that is very dear to me and I believe that it must be , for each one of us. We have tried to make it as real as possible and entertaining, as short as we could and yet compelling,” posted the award winning author on Facebook.

The short feature has been produced by MesmerixEntertainments, where Gokul Nath G , Sandeep Varma and Krishnabhaskar are partners. Songs are from Manu Manjith and Kailas Menon team and from Chumadu Thangi, sound designed by Renganaath Ravee the much accoladed artiste , art by Nadhan Ks and team. While the beauty of Kerala has been wonderfully captured by Sreekanth Easwar, Vimals Madathil did the honours at Dubai. The lead cast includes Sreedhanya H Thekkedath , Sudhhy Kopa , Sethulakshmi chechi and Shabare Esh , Baby chechi , Vakachan and Simi Thomas. The movie is to be premiered at 9 30 AM on 12 May at Padma theatre MG Road Ernakulam .



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