Infusing Serenity


An uplifting sanctuary, Infuse Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is a wellness hideaway waiting to be discovered.

As you descend down from the contemporary lobby of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, get surprised at the lush landscaped poolside that imparts an almost resort-like feel. Tucked away in the cool aqua surroundings, Infuse Spa is an uplifting sanctuary, a haven for modern and holistic wellness solutions and you almost feel like you’re walking in through a waterway. Light colours, subtle aesthetics and warm Four Seasons services allow you to enjoy this modern, yet reassuring retreat infusing in you, a sense of vitality.

Treatments at Infuse Spa include a bouquet of wellness options, whether it is designed to de-stress or refresh the body, mind and soul – Signature treatments, Body scrubs/polishes, Body wraps, Body massages and Facials.

Some of the signature spa experiences include the Infuse Candle Massage – Performed with warm candle wax to invoke the senses with a unique scent and silky touch, Mocha Mantra – This anti-cellulite scrub uses the highest quality of local coffee from Coorg, Flower at Four Seasons – Inspired by the garden walks in Bangalore’s iconic neighbourhoods, this full body massage relaxes, hydrates and realigns with the four different essence of flowers growing in the city gardens. The sensual fragrances of marigold, rose, geranium and jasmine – each embodying one of the four seasons – bring their calming and expansive properties to this nourishing treatment, On a Chocolate and Spice Trail – This heavenly journey begins with a cleansing treatment followed by a dark chocolate mask and a full body massage with aromatic Indian spices. The Spice Trail oil contains: cinnamon, clove and cardamom.

There are seven treatment rooms – including one Couple’s Room. “All our treatments have been designed keeping in mind the various needs of our global travellers, with a local slant. Infuse Spa has some wonderful treatments crafted in-house that have a true local touch to them. We have taken the anti-oxidant properties of coffee to tailor-make a signature treatment. Our treatment called Flower at Four Seasons is a tribute to the Garden City that Bangalore is known as,” says Spa Manager Minu Budhathoki.

The Balinese massage is also very popular and begins with a gratifying foot scrub to exfoliate dead cells. As the cells are gently teased with this scrub, you tend to feel a slight sense of rejuvenation run up through the entire body. A lukewarm foot bath in a brass urli (basin) lined with flower petals is all one needs to refresh the feet and toenails, gently soothing out dry, calloused heels. A sprightly mint spray after drying the feet give them that well-deserved perk. Firm, assuring Balinese massage strokes help in the blood circulation.
After a series of strokes concentrating on various parts of the body, it is time to allow the oil to penetrate in. To let the body soak in the properties, it’s best to skip the shower straight away and not wash away the goodness of the oil immediately. A warm towel compress all over can be a soothing way to seal in the moisturising elements of the heady, fragrant oils for a joyous upliftment.

Once the therapist has worked her magic on you, you can relax behind the veil of a cascading water feature, with the magical bouquet of fragrances accompanying you, as you sip on a refreshing herbal tea. Infuse Spa also uses Gemology, the first mineral cosmetic skincare line founded by Chrystelle Lanoy from France, with gem extracts skilfully combined with plants extracts for a proven efficiency.

Embark upon a journey that is joyful and restorative.

Where: Infuse Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy ONE, 8, Bellary Rd, Dena Bank Colony, Ganganagar, Bengaluru.
Call: +91 9606487959 / +91 80 4522 2222.



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