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Could you eat a whole tub of ice cream guilt free? YES. The Brooklyn Creamery – a low calorie, real-dairy ice cream lets you indulge guilt-free, with just 75 calories per scoop! The new gen of ice cream is here; Ice creams that ensure that taste does not compromise your waist.

Whether it’s joining yoga, HIIT classes, or training for that half marathon, the message nowadays across all age groups is simple – get some exercise in and focus on what you eat! THE BROOKLYN CREAMERY – a first of its kind, exceptionally delicious, low-calorie ice cream has 50 percent lower calories compared to premium ice creams.

You may wonder how better it can get? While regular ice creams have a fat percentage of more than 10%, The Brooklyn Creamery range has 60% lower fat in comparison as it is based on a unique recipe made by leading ice cream experts. Also, all TBC ice creams are made with absolutely no added sugar. The high quality plant based sweetener used has a low GI value making the ice cream diabetic friendly. Ahhh…Sinning was never more kosher! The Brooklyn Creamery is a genuine guilt-free daily dessert option – whether you’re a fitness buff, a weight watcher, a conscious mom or even a dessert junkie.

Award winning food scientist and technologist, Premji Nisar who has over 50 stellar years of experience in crafting ice creams and creating thousands of IPs to his name and awards to his fame (creator of Kwality ice cream brand). In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Indian Ice-cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA).

R&D expert, Nilesh Patil is a scoop genius who has been coding millions of flavours and formats in the wonderful world of ice creams since 25 years on brilliant brands like Kwality and Baskin Robbins.

Mr. Ice – Vasco, Portugal beyond fabulous ice cream genius for whom inspiration can strike any moment and a brilliant idea for a never before ice cream flavour shall dawn upon him and thou shall create magic in his ice cave in London, a creator, a crafter, the scientist who created Magnum and now the Brooklyn Creamery! Combining fresh and high-quality premium ingredients with real dairy to give you the best ice cream experience and yet managing to keep it low on calories was definitely not a cakewalk.

TBC brings the streets of New York to the aisles of the India, UAE, Oman, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and several other countries. What started as a small parlour in New York, now spreads guilt-free pleasure across the globe. With NYC inspired flavours like Soho Berry and Brooklyn Bridge Butterscotch under its umbrella, The Brooklyn Creamery is here to make sure you’re transported to the New York city with each bite of ice cream.

The Brooklyn Creamery is founder, Shivaan Ghai’s brainchild. The idea dawned upon him during his student years in New York to craft an exquisite ice cream range that is fabulous on taste yet low on calories, low on sugar and low on fat. Shivaan’s dream idea was brought to life by 3 brilliant artistically scientific minds. Shivaan Ghai is the fourth generation scion of the Graviss Group, a family run business that have been pioneers in the ice cream industry for 75 years.

Starting out with Kwality, the country’s eponymous ice cream brand, then Yankee Doodle followed by Baskin Robbins, the Graviss group was founded by Iqbal Ghai in 1945. Today, under Chairman Ravi Ghai and Managing Director Gaurav Ghai, the group manufactures a wide selection of ice creams and food products in India and the GCC. Now, with a degree from the NYU Stern School of Business, 22-year-old Shivaan is churning his passion for both food and fitness into a 75-calories serve of virtuous indulgence. He has a strong vision to offer TBC as a delicious everyday dessert which everyone can enjoy without any compunction. Begin indulging in pleasure without a pause!

The Brooklyn Creamery initially launched in Mumbai and is now present in various metro cities like Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat and Delhi NCR and other countries like UAE, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Nepal. The Brooklyn Creamery’s ice-cream is available at various supermarkets and stores – Haiko, Reliance Signature, Nature’s basket & Star Bazaar. One can place an order online through Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon & Big Basket.




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