Indonesian man marries rice cooker


Khoirul Anam from Indonesia created a stir on social media as he married his rice cooker. He posted pictures of him dressed up in wedding garments and the rice cooker decked up in a sheer white veil.
The pictures posted on Facebook show him sitting beside the cooker as his marriage was being solemnised and as he signed the marriage papers. He stated that he decided to marry the cooker as it was ”fair, obedient, loving and good at cooking”.

These pictures sparked a lot of amusement on Facebook and garnered around 10,000 likes and 1200 comments.
However, this bizarre marriage lasted only for four days as Anam decided to divorce the cooker on the ground that it could only cook rice.
The wedding and the divorce turned out to be a social media stunt for entertainment. Anam is said to be a well known celebrity in Indonesia who participates in outlandish stunts to entertain his followers and this episode is one such stunt.



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