Indonesian Island Hopping


One of the most vibrant cuisines in the world is Indonesian. With a bouquet of fresh herbs and spices accentuating the food, the most intense flavours and fragrances may be expected to tantalise the tastebuds when one talks of Indonesian cuisine. Another remarkable aspect is that, over the years many different races have left their mark on the cuisine – Indian, Chinese, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch, thus leading to a smorgasbord of variations. With 6,000 islands, there are many regional specialties and many well-loved dishes that have stood the test of time. Simple ingredients like coconut cream and banana leaves may seem ordinary, but the deft skills of Indonesian culinary masters and the liberal use of spices has exalted every dish beyond belief. Visiting Chef Made Kanyasa from The Ritz-Carlton, Bali brings with him this clever expertise and promises to rustle up a mouth-watering array of dishes for city gourmands who yearn for a taste of Indonesia from their well-loved travels. During his showcase in Bengaluru, Chef Made will take guests through the distinct cuisines of Bali, Java and the Indonesian nation as a whole. This culinary festival has been thoughtfully segregated over three different segments for guests to linger over well-loved dishes and also discover some treasures from Indonesia along the way. While seafood lovers can celebrate over Nasi Bakar Sambal Hijau dan Hasil Laut (Green baked rice with seafood) and Udang Sere Tabia (Stir prawn with spicy chili-relish coconut cream),vegetarians can rejoice over the well-loved Gado Gado (Steamed vegetables, peanut sauce), Opor Nangka (Young jack fruit) or Plecing Kacang panjang (Long bean, with spicy red paste). Desserts will be a celebratory spread of sweet flavours from coconut cream to jaggery, rice flour and the heady ripeness of bananas, giving a sweet hint of the island vibes.

Bountifully Bali
Signatures from this sun-blessed isle including roast chicken, tempe and fresh seafood with Balinese paste, chili and tamarind.
When: 15th to 31st January for Lunch and Dinner.
Where: The Market, Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru.

Indonesia Inspired
Delights from greater Indonesia, influenced by a myriad flavors and evolved over time. Fragrant with kaffir lime and coconut, young jackfruit jostles for the spotlight with steamed fish fillet wrapped in banana leaf.
When: 1st to 15th February for Lunch and Dinner
Where – The Market, Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru.

Javanese Aromas
Piquant flavours from Java made famous by the distinct coffee, gourmands will delight in satays with peanut sauce and Sambal Udang Goreng (sautéed prawn with chili jam) and more.
Dates –16th to 28th February for Lunch and Dinner
Venue – The Market, Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru.

Chef Made will conduct COOKING CLASSES on
• Balinese – 19th January
• Indonesian – 9th February
• Javanese – 23rd February
When: 11am- 12:30pm for Rs 2000++




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