Indonesian beauty treatments in Bangalore


Immerse yourself into a divine sphere of exotic beauty rituals from Indonesia. The chic CHI Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru offers a relaxing bouquet of Indonesian beauty treatments customised to suit every body, mind and soul.


Says Dr. Jazzy Nepram, Director of Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru, “We have myriad options for guests looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. We have the Javanese Lulur, which is a beauty ritual that includes grounded fine rice, jasmine and turmeric. Yoghurt is also applied with that and it is a royal treatment from the Java kingdom that is meant for traditional skin exfoliation. Then we have the double bliss, where we do Balinese and facial with cucumber and honey. The Indonesian herbal poultice is another very popular treatment that is known for easing stress. Herbs like lemon grass, ginger powder, eucalyptus powder, cardamom, cinnamon are used in this ritual.”

Ms. Galih from Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is currently in Bangalore to give all spa lovers an authentic feel of traditional Indonesian massages. Galih is a veteran when it comes to exotic beauty rituals as she has learnt about the procedures and techniques from her grandmother since the age of 4. Born and raised in the East Coast of Java Island, massage is part of her traditions. In 2009, she started her career in Jakarta as a therapist and today she is one of the most talented therapists of Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta with a number of loyal customers. Since 2014, Galih holds the Indonesia certificate on Spa competency for Indonesian spa treatment qualifications.

“Our treatments are customised to suit the requirements of each client. Galih is an exemplary therapist and guests should experience her expertise,” says Dr.Jazzy.

The CHI Spa, Shangri-La Hotel, No 56-6B, Palace Road, Bengaluru





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