Indomitable ‘Spirit’ of an Entrepreneur


It’s never too late to turn an entrepreneur and Vijay Rekhi‘s indomitable spirit shows just that. After nearly four decades of his stint in the alcohol industry with United Spirits, now a part of Diageo, Vijay Rekhi has launched his own beverage alcohol startup, Unibev India. A die-hard innovation specialist, his innovations at USL won the company several awards besides great traction with the consumers to build the brand franchise. Under Unibev India you can get Governor’s Reserve whisky, Oakton Barrel Aged whisky and L’Affaire Napoleon Premium Brandy. Governor’s Reserve whisky is created using 12YO imported scotch. Oakton Barrel Aged whisky is created using 18YO imported scotch. For the first time in the history of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) industry, Rekhi has introduced premium brandy infusing 3YO imported grape spirit to create L’Affaire Napoleon Premium Brandy. Governors Reserve
Rare & Aged 100% premium grain whisky
Blended with upto 12 years old scotch & Matured Indian Malts
This 100% premium grain whisky is a carefully crafted blend with upto 12 year old imported scotch and matured Indian malts. Governor’s Reserve tasting notes reveal a light bodied, smooth blend with the sweetness of honey and raisin balanced by vanilla and fruity notes. There are also gentler hints of spices and peat present which add to its rich complexity and unique flavour. Dare we say, salute to the Governor and all his men and women!
Segment: Premium

Laffaire Napoleon Premium French Blended Grape Brandy
Blended with 3 years old imported French Brandy
L’Affaire Brandy is a classic blend of the finest 3 year old brandy from the famous grape growing regions of France and Indian grape spirits. Using the traditional ‘Pot Still’ method, this oak matured brandy is truly meant for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of fine brandies. So the next time you decide to have your brandy, raise you glass and make a toast, to the spirit of L’Affaire.
Segment: PremiumOakton
Barrel Aged Rare Premium Grain Whisky
Blended with upto 18 years old scotch & Matured Indian Malts
This barrel aged rare premium grain whisky is a unique blend with upto 18 year old imported scotch and matured Indian malts. Oakton is harmonious, crisp and lingers on the palate resulting in a smooth fruity aftertaste. The preponderance of premium malts with hints of dried apricot, walnut, citrus, cloves as well as pleasing honey, toffee, vanilla and cinnamon delicately combine to create a complex yet invigorating medium-bodied whisky balanced with flavours of mild oak and peat.
Segment: Super Premium



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