India’s First Festival Promoting ‘Hardcore’ Style of Music


Announcing Hardcore: Invasion – India’s First Festival Promoting ‘Hardcore’ Style of Music

Festival to have unique features such as beer showers and zip-lining across the venue

Pre-parties, flash mobs and party buses across cities as a precursor to the event

Top international and local artists as a part of the line-up

The festival season has commenced as revelers have a reason to rejoice as there is one more addition to the existing slew of music festivals in India. Taking note of the growing audience of dance music, Moon13Entertainment, an event company specializing in corporate and cultural events has announced ‘Hardcore: Invasion’ – India’s very first festival promoting the very unique ‘Hardcore’ style of music.

Hardcore Invasion Logo

For those who aren’t aware, the essence of Hardcore/Mainstream Hardcore also known as Gabber is a distorted bass drum sound, overdriven to the point where it becomes clipped into a distorted square wave and makes a recognizably melodic tone. Hardcore music creates a distinct sound which resonates with tremendous rage and is sometimes referred to as artistic aggression.


The line-up hence boasts of top international masters and performers in this genre, including Angerfirst, Miss K8 and Radical Redemption.

The festival will be taking place at Morjim Beach, Goa on January 9, 2016 and will be India’s first overnight event as gates will open at 10 pm and the party will go on till 5 am, till the break of dawn. There will be tented accommodation for those who wish to camp as well.

Miss K8

The idea behind the festival will be to bring out one’s dark side and let one’s hair down – the festival will hence have a dark vibe with stage being made of junk and wild art installations being exhibited across the venue.

Apart from the music, there will be other entertaining aspects for the attendees such as beer showers; mud fights/fist fights, zip-lining across the venue, a swimming pool at the venue, merchandise stalls etc.

Radical Redemption

As a precursor to the festival, there will be flash mobs, pre-parties at clubs across the country as also party buses across cities, the dates and details for which will be announced soon.

About Moon13Entertainment

Moon13 Entertainment comes with an expertise in organizing and providing end-to-end solutions for various cultural and corporate events. We aspire to be a leader par excellence in Event Management by creating innovative world class experiences and exceeding the expectations of our clients through novel ideas to bring every event from a vision to a reality.

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