India’s First Brand Campaign Shoot Executed Via Facetime with Real Women


In-house, the Outhouse way is a global client fashion campaign incorporating women from different walks of life, who are the true ambassadors of Outhouse. Since virtual is the way forward, bringing a touch of creativity to our virtual world is imperative in creating an empowering space for one and all. This FaceTime shoot is a glimpse into the world of real women from across the globe. Celebrating the house’s real ambassadors, In-house, with Outhouse is a thankful appreciation of the true Outhouse Woman in her personal space, in the comfort of her home. This deconstructed shoot via FaceTime brings together the creative vision of co-founders Sasha and Kaabia Grewal, who artfully directed the shoot and celebrity stylist Mohit Rai who brought his expertise to this campaign. The goal was to foster a feeling of solidarity by bringing light in the time of darkness and being productive to build a sense of community togetherness.

The idea was to style Outhouse Women – people who are the true brand ambassadors as they have celebrated the brand since the beginning, by simply wearing pieces in their everyday lives. The aim was to show the diversity in their personality by using pieces which they already own – styled artfully by Mohit Rai in ivories and whites, an inference to strength and peace. Chosen for its versatility, white is synonymous to a hopeful light in dark times. Attributes at Outhouse that are dearly upheld and cherished by ways of symbolism in handcrafts.

The campaign brings light upon Outhouse’s beloved and close knit community – empowering and encouraging these women to indulge in self-love. 19 women across the globe in 5 countries are at the heart and soul of this campaign. Their profiles belong to different walks of life and range from – entrepreneurs, designers, filmmakers, doctors, and social influencers.

With ace celebrity stylist Mohit Rai giving his extraordinary styling and co-founders of Outhouse Jewellery – Kaabia & Sasha Grewal sharing their creative art direction, this shoot spanning hours of planning and shoot time celebrates the true spirit of the Outhouse woman. Speaking on this virtually directed campaign, Kaabia & Sasha Grewal, Co-Founders of Outhouse Jewellery said, “We wanted to give thanks by empowering these women who are our true brand ambassadors. We are usually focused on one on one client servicing activities but this time we really wanted to take things up a notch by celebrating them in our brand campaign. We connected with all of these 16 women to put together looks, empowered them while taking their photos to bring out their radiant selves, in its true sense this campaign is “a celebration of the REAL Outhouse woman.”



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