India’s Biggest Pet Festival


Share Your Love for Animals at the Cutest Weekend of the Year, Pet Fed – India’s Biggest Pet Festival. Pet Fed, India’s Biggest Pet Festival & Limca World Record Holder of ‘Biggest Dog Carnival’, is back with its annual editions in Bengaluru, Delhi & Mumbai happening in November, December & January respectively at much bigger, better & greener venues. With pets giving us their whole lives and expecting nothing in return, the agenda is to give all pet lovers a chance to dedicate a fun weekend to these pets. Pet Fed is a one-of-a-kind festival where people can pamper their four-legged fur buddies and reciprocate their love towards them.
At Pet Fed, there are 3 acres of festival area to be explored along with a booming roster of activities ranging from Police Dog Show in association with Indian armed forces, International Cat Show in association with World Cat Federation, Fashion Show and dedicated play areas for cats and dogs respectively, along with a separate agility ring for the more active ones. More than 400+ products and services from the pet care sector across India and abroad will be exhibited for visitors to make an informed choice for their furry pals. The festival is also open for people who don’t have pets but want to simply attend Pet Fed to be around thousands of pooches & get a good dose of puppy love.
Akshay Gupta, Founder, Pet Fed says, “Amidst a rise in instances of animal cruelty & neglecting of pets, our aim this year is to create a positive experience for people who believe in the golden phrase of a pet being a human’s best companion. Pet Fed is not just a social gathering for pets but also a source of infotainment with a flurry of activities and competitions for pets & their parents. Alongside, being a platform that also bridges the gap between pet parents and new innovations in the pet industry.”
“With increasing emotional attachment towards your pets & the boundless love, loyalty and utmost happiness you receive from them, it’s only fair for every pet parent to take time out of the everyday hustle and dedicate a few hours to your pet. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be at than this festival. The cuteness overload at this festival can brighten up anyone’s day and the increase in participation every year reflects that India is really making headway towards being a more pet-friendly country”, commented Dino Morea, Bollywood celebrity and entrepreneur, who is also an investor in Pet Fed.
Dates for this year’s Pet Fed editions are as follows:

Bengaluru – 16th & 17th November, Jayamahal Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.



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