Indians Eat Healthy Reveals Study


Going by the diverse culture of India the Food habits and eating habits are diverse and often electric. A Recent study conducted by Lipsos reveals some interesting patterns in the food habits of Indians, As per the findings of the study, “Indians are choosing organic food, saying no to genetically modified food and are willing to choose a plant-based substitute for meat; most Indians are happy with their appearance and don’t have much faith in diet plans.”

The study shows that food is the main incentive for them to work out or even follow an exercise regimen. “Food is the key motivation for them to follow an exercise regimen and they would rather eat well than look emaciated”, the study states.

While the study mentions that “due to a sheer paucity of time, Indians plan to get groceries and food home delivered more frequently in the next year”, it also reveals that in the next year, it is highly likely that Indians will eat a healthy diet and focus on preparing healthy meals at home. The findings have been gathered from those staying in urban areas. It says that 57 percent of Indians consume organic food, or are claiming to do so.



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