Indian government is procuring armoured cars for the G20 summit


The G 20 Summit is being held in India from September 8 to September 10, 2023. Leaders from over 25 countries will be attending the same. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has declared a public holiday and schools, offices and malls will be closed on those days.

According to media reports, cars are being arranged for the convenience of guests and most of them are said to be luxury and bullet proof cars. Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW armoured cars might be used for the safety of the visiting dignitaries. The Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard is an armoured vehicle that offers protection from grenades, rifles and landmines and is priced at around Rs 12 crore. The Audi A8 L is also equipped to defend against AK-47 bullets, grenades and landmines and comes with a price tag of Rs 9.15 crore.
The Delhi Police are taking several measures to ensure the security not only at the summit venue but also at the airport and designated accommodations for the dignitaries and delegates.


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