Indian doctor in Ukraine refuses to leave without his pets-a panther and a jaguar


Kumar is an orthopaedic doctor from Andhra Pradesh in India. He settled in Ukraine after he completed his MBBS degree there. He is an avid animal lover and was inspired to raise big cats after he watched a Chiranjeevi film as a kid.

Kumar wanted to become an actor but ended up studying medicine in Ukraine. He made several attempts to adopt a lion cub or a Bengal tiger cub but failed in his attempts. It was then that he got to know about a jaguar that was in poor health and he offered to raise it. He took it home and started looking after it. Later on, he adopted Sabrina, a black panther.
As he had difficulties taking care of the expenses to maintain these pets, he started a YouTube channel and started doing videos to supplement his income.
Kumar is now staying back in war affected Ukraine as he does not want to leave the country without his 2 pets. He hopes that the Indian government will permit him to bring home his panther, jaguar and 3 dogs as well.



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