Indian band collaborates to compose theme for World Cup


 Indian band SANAM has collaborated with global artists to celebrate cricket’s spirit of togetherness with the song “Way-O, way-O”. As part of its partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC), personal mobility company Uber has released the song to energize fans at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, 2019. The anthem is a cultural blend of harmonies written by Sonal Dabral and composed, produced and curated by Michael McCleary.

The makers include artists such as SANAM, Jahmiel (Jamaica), Catherine Taylor Dawson (United Kingdom), Simba Diallo (New Zealand) and choir group Khayelitsha United Mambazo (South Africa). His bandmate Venky S said the vibe on the sets was “chilled out”. Samar Puri shared that they are used to shooting on their own.

Over the years cricket has been such an unpredictable game, so many small factors can change the game completely. That’s what makes it interesting. Cricket is worshipped in India and now with the World Cup coming close, India is buzzing with cricket fever. ‘Way-o, way-o’ will resonate with fans across the world.



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