Inauguration of the Fashion Premier Week Exhibition


The exclusive launch of FPW took place at Crowne Plaza on 18th March with Maari Director Balaji Mohan) inaugurating the exhibition. FPW translates its vision into practice by providing Thank Bunny – a retailers app a platform to launch their app for the end users.

Brand Avatar’s Fashion Premier Week always aim to set new standards in fashion ecosystem and to begin with we want to provide platform for technology solutions providers. So, Thank Bunny App is right platform to fashionistas to connect with fashion world.
Thank Bunny is a suite of technology platforms designed exclusively for Fashion Retailers that include Jewelers, Apparel retail, and salons.
The first is a mobile application for buyers to discover and connect with their favorite fashion brands. Using this application, fashion retail brands can build their own fan-clubs and announce exclusive news and offers to their club members.

The second is the cloud based Loyalty platform that is used in-store by the retail merchant. He can build his own network of loyal customers, track their buying behavior and reach out to them with greetings.


Osman Abdul Razak

Osman Abdul Razak (OAR) – Private Label! Is a mere representation of how men should dress today!

The atelier studio has been servicing clients with specific sartorial requirements since its inception in 2007. Although the label focuses more towards bespoke fashion, the ideation behind this preview collection is for men to experiment with different genres of current fashion trends, at the same time keeping it simple and classy.

The current collection takes a cue from the seasons forecast, showcasing a classy play of colours and fabrics, fine hand embroidery and interesting embellishments.

With impeccable finish the collection adds suave to any wardrobe and the best part: it’s exclusively yours.

The show features shoes by Language.

SHOWSTOPPER – Vikram Prabhu

Indrajith Indar

This collection highlights the brightness of summer with its wide vibrant colour palette, components of cord and embroidery will merge with the basic shapes to create newness.

SHOWSTOPPER – Sakshi Agarwal

 Studio 9696 by Sandeep

Scribbles, tessellations and doodles have made us go crazy, simplifying this and making something wearable has led us to create an innovative and off beat collection. Our spring summer line titled “Tradition meets quirky” takes us back in

time, drawing from some of our most cherished childhood memories – be it the dragon fly that we chased in the park, the TV remote that we fought our siblings for, the cool shade of summer umbrella’s that we spent hours lazing under, puzzles the wacked our brains, finger prints that marked our identity and tiara’s that excited young girls, all elements cleverly disguised to suit today’s trends were the key motives used in this collection. The collection is created using intensive manual laboured techniques such as ethnic hand embroidery, tie & dies and block printing to give it a handcrafted feel.

As we believe “Style isn’t about attention but self-expression”, so infuse a part of what you are in every outfit!!



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