In the Lap of Relaxing Luxury


Indulge yourself in a soulful and refreshing massage at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru. One of the city’s ultra-luxury hotels, the property is now offering world-famous Indonesian treatments doled out by expert hands at its aesthetically crafted spa, the CHI Spa. Ms Galih from Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta (in Indonesia) has travelled all the way to give Bangaloreans a feel of the traditional Indonesian massage.

As you walk into the artistically decorated and well-lit spa that rests on the Wellness Floor, soothing music welcomes you to let yourself unwind, and take in the aromas that emanate from the luxurious spa rooms. Settle yourself into one of the majestic chairs as the team of spa experts led by Dr.Jazzy Nepram, Director of Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru and Ms.Galih unravel the uniqueness and essence behind each of the massages. A flavourful herbal tea, concocted from the best of berries and raisins is presented on a platter to initiate you into the ensuing over 90 minutes of complete relaxation.


As you are led to one of the luxury rooms for your heavenly session, take in as much as you can from the scents, aromas and serene ambience that the CHI Spa boasts.

An inviting table is laid out for you and your pleasing therapist will usher you in, explaining the dynamics of the oils that they use. The CHI Spa offers you a choice from three exotic oils. Balancing (scents of spring) has vetiver, bergamot, rose, lavender, cardamom and chamomile. The Peace of Mind (spice and floral) has mogra, lime, lavender, marjoram, geranium, neroli, patchouli and rose. While Rejuvenating has tulsi, cedar wood, thyme, tea tree, bergamot, and lemongrass.

Once you’ve selected the oil that you would want, what follows next is pure magic as you transcend into a world of peace, calm and serenity with your body, mind and soul being at their best. The temperature is monitored to your needs, while the music nicely blends in with the ambience as your therapist works her way, gently massaging to give you the tranquil that you so need, away from your otherwise stressful lifestyle.

Enjoy the session as you experience the stress leaving every pore of your body, only to be replaced by peace and calm. As your over one and a half hour session gradually draws to a close, you are left feeling truly rested and pacified.

Planning to head to Bali for some relaxation? Why not usher yourself instead to the CHI Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru?








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