In A Mood For Some Exciting Water Adventure ?


This weekend Redrawlife Plans White Water Rafting For The Adventurous Souls! 

“If you are in the quest for extreme adventure, to lose yourselves amid the hysterical waves of a gorgeous river in the lashing shower of monsoon rain in kerala, then there is a river that will satiate all your dreams and desires-river Tejaswini in Kannur district,” invites Redrawlife from Kochi.

The river, which is also known by the name Kariamkode, originates from the Brahmagiri hills of Coorg forest and flows through the districts of Kannur. It is 64 km long of which about 20 km is ideal for rafting.Tejaswini River has many surprises that would give a memorable rafting experience for all. The thick foliage that strides into the river, the rocky banks, branches of huge trees that lean over the river, the magnetic swirl all make the rafting a mesmerizing experience.The rafting starts from Kolladi near Cherupuzha where you can let your inflated boats to the wild waves of Tejaswini. Awaiting you is a series of thrilling experience that will unravel the many faces of Tejaswini.Keep your heads down in order to escape from the drooping branches. Get ready for the adventure on June 24th 2017. Book your seats at



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