Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss 9 House




As you all must have been seeing promotions where Former Bigg Boss 6 contestant Imam Siddique is supposed to enter BB9 house; for your information, he has already made his entry in the house.

Imam, who is known for his quirky and loud personality, has left housemates in shock on his scary entry. After his bang on entry, Imam who is known for his wild and bizarre fashion style played a fashion task with the housemates.

With few weeks left for Bigg Boss 9 finale, Imam is creating double trouble controversies for the housemates. The notorious fashion stylist asked all the housemates to wear colourful wigs just like his colourful character.


Another exclusive secret is that till Imam Siddique is in Bigg Boss 9 house, he will stay as the captain of the house and can rule the housemates according to him.

Now, won’t that be double fun and rightfully double trouble in Bigg Boss 9 house?

Stay hooked!



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