Ileana D’Cruz names son Koa Phoenix Dolan


Actress Ileana D’Cruz announced the birth of her son on August 1 on Instagram. She shared a picture of the baby and has named him Koa Phoenix Dolan.

The name is said to be a powerful one. While Koa means ”warrior” in Hawaiian, Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. With a combination of these two names, the child will be strong, courageous and will not be afraid to face challenges according to Pandit Jagannath Guruji.
The name Dolan is of Irish origin which is a country known for its rich cultural heritage. Pandit Ji further added that the child is likely to become a gifted artist or musician and use his creativity to touch the lives of others.
Ileana, who is extremely happy to have welcomed her son into the world  captioned her Instagram post  ”No words could explain how happy we are to welcome our darling boy to the world. Hearts beyond full.”


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