How to Give a Great Talk & Captivate the Audience




Giving a great talk is essential to captivate your audience and drive the idea home, without which the entire endeavour is futile. While many are good at speaking, very few are actually able to articulate and maintain the right kind of body language to engage and impress an audience. ‘Giving a Great Talk’ aims to identify and teach the various aspects of a good talk whoever the target audience might be.

The power of speech and delivery is especially important for entrepreneurs as they try to make a point at various stages of their start-up with investors, co-founders, employees and clients. It is essential that one communicates what he has to in an assertive manner and in a loud voice rather than squeaking in a feeble voice which portrays lack of confidence in the idea. A good speaker leaves a lasting impression on his/her listeners that brings them back asking for more, which itself is an opportunity to pitch further up on their idea. Isn’t is unbelievable that a voice and body language can play such a crucial role and alter the position against a decision maker? But, it is true.

Join the session to learn the nuances of giving a great talk and score accolades next time and every time you talk.

Drinks and snacks are on the house!


Where: Co Lab Orate, Flat 102, Siddhartha Residency, Plot 56, Kavuri Hills Phase I, Jubilee hills road, 36 Extentions, Besides Jubilee Hotel, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sat 05 Mar, 06:00 PM



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