How SPB Touched My Heart
By Dr.Sanjay Cherian


I am yet to recover from the shock that the legendary singer SPB is no more.

The last time I saw SPB , was at a concert organised by a visually impaired music band. I had accompanied my dear mother to “drown ourselves in his melodious voice”.

At the music concert , SPB said something that truly touched my heart.

In his ever so humble mannerism , he said “Although I have sung 1000s of songs during my career , with different musicians all over the world, this is my 1st experience singing with a completely blind music band. I am amazed at how well these blind musicians can play music without their music sheets & notes in front of them. To be honest with you all, I can’t sing a single song from the beginning until the end, without my lyrics pad. Unfortunately, we call these people “handicapped” just because they can’t see, but in reality, they are actually the ones who are more talented than us, because they are able to do something that we can’t, infact , WE are the ones who are handicapped, NOT them !! ”
Thereafter , SPB went & shook hands with every musician on stage before he left.

There was not a single dry eye in the audience that day.

Despite his unmatched talent & world-wide fame , I will always remember SPB for his humility & kind words. Undoubtedly the characteristics of a true legend.

I didn’t realise then that we would lose SPB & my mom to the same Corona virus some day, despite the best of healthcare facilities & treatment options.

They will both be missed terribly. May their souls rest in peace

(Dr. Sanjay Cherian is a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon)



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