Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore announced it’s 45 day long campaign towards Tiger Conservation


This International Tigers Day, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore unveiled its commitment to Tiger Conservation and initiated a 45-day campaign in support of the cause. The establishment declared that Rs. 100 from every bill generated across all the 9 Tiger Trail restaurants in India, will be allocated to the cause of Tiger conservation.

The event commenced with opening remarks from the Assistant Vice President of Operations, Hari Sukumar. In this speech, he highlighted the importance of International Tiger Day and emphasized the significance of the occasion in raising awareness about protecting this iconic animal. “The Tiger plays a pivotal role in maintaining the food chain and in doing that manages the whole ecosystem. Project Tiger was started in 1973 with the aim of protecting this magnificent beast and its natural habitat but despite best efforts the numbers dwindled; at the turn of the century though in 2010, India along with 12 other countries signed this agreement to double the number of Tigers by 22 and we have been quite successful in doing that. Hotel Royal Orchid’s efforts will be to support that endeavour through this contribution.” he said.

Following that, Deepak Irudaya, the F&B Manager, proceeded to introduce the entire Tiger Trail Team and each member’s role in the collective endeavour of wildlife conservation.

During the event, a comprehensive presentation unfolded, delving into the rich history of Tiger Trail. The restaurant’s menu has been thoughtfully crafted to incorporate dishes from cities representing tiger conservation sites in India. The presentation also highlighted past initiatives and successful collaborations with various conservation organizations, underscoring the positive impact the restaurant has had on Tiger conservation.

Furthermore, during the event, the restaurant presented the longest Kebab platter ever seen in Bengaluru! This remarkable 5 feet long platter features 15 varieties of Kebabs, 5 types of breads, and 4 dips. The event came to a close on a positive and satisfying note, as the guests savoured a delightful culinary experience that exemplified Tiger Trail’s diverse menu and steadfast dedication to sustainable sourcing.



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