Hong Kong based garment group enters India


Hong Kong-based garment manufacturing company, Epic Group is planning to enter India and set up its first manufacturing unit in Ranchi spread across the minimum built-up area of around 20,000 sq. mt. The manufacturing unit in Ranchi is equivalent to the smallest factory of the company in Bangladesh, the biggest manufacturing hub for the Epic Group. The brand is planning to source 90 percent of its raw material from India, they are already buying huge amounts of raw material from four-five different suppliers in India.

The brand is confident about establishing its business in India as it believes the country has an edge over other nations. India is more vertical as far as textiles are concerned, so that should add more speed into our business. They still need to decide on things like where fabric could be coming from and should the manufacturing be done in India itself.

Another reason is that the company has decided to venture into India is the value addition the country has to offer first in terms of embellishment and embroidery abilities. Also, with the way trends are changing and fashion is evolving, the brand is looking forward to working with different skill-sets and believes that India will add to these skill-sets and create a more versatile supply chain model.



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