Honesty Is Maddy’s Best Policy



Fresh off the success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, actor R.Madhavan who fast became the quintessential husband to every woman in the country, regretfully had to miss the success party of the blockbuster, much to his dismay.

The actor who was extremely keen to attend the celebration, had to miss it at the last minute, as he had to host and entertain his NCC commanding officer at his house in Malacca, Malaysia.



Madhavan who was in Malaysia for IIFA and his 16th wedding anniversary, extended his visit for a few more days as his mentor, way back from his NCC days, was staying with him. Maddy is extremely close to his mentor and to date credits him for going to England through NCC, thanks to his support.

Says Maddy, “My commanding officer who was also my mentor was visiting Malaysia and I had promised to meet him and spend time with him there since I was already in Kuala Lumpur for IIFA. I could not cancel that as it was a promise I had made 6 months ago and I simply could not break their heart. So I had to stay back in KL.”

Isn’t his honesty charming?

No wonder women consider you the perfect hubby Maddy!




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