Holiday Inspired Summer Range by GetNatty


This summer, it’s time to indulge GetNatty’s cool and flirty summer collection which will definitively transport you to a holiday state of mind.  So get ready to hit those sandy beaches and the tropics in style with Get Natty’s – The Summer Breeze collection. Inspired from exotic tropical destinations the range is mostly about holiday look and celebrating the individual spirit which reflects carefree sensuality.


The collection features leafy prints, flowy silhouettes to soft cool fabric to soothe your skin. A transformation from greys and blues to shades of pastels balanced against the pop of color. 

Designers like Garvili, Watermark, Gush Accessories, Forelsket and more successfully captured the warmth of the season and gave the fashion vistas new pieces to ramp up the wardrobe!


Available at –  All the Get Natty’s store or visit

Price: Starts from INR 3,000



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