Holi Phototrail in Mathura for all! Book your seats



Book your seats, the wagon is headed for Mathura this Holi!
At a short distance from Mathura, a local temple sees a comical game being played between local townsfolk. While the men drench the women with colours, the women work together in groups to divest these men off their shirts! This little kept secret is an age-old tradition unique to the village and is worth a trip to capture on your camera. Traversing the lanes in and around Mathura and the holy ghats in rickshaws with you as a photography mentor will be Mayank Soni, travel photographer and co-founder of Caribou Drift.

Artist: Mayank Soni

For more details and to register for the photo trail, you can get in touch on 9892170395 and 9819234254. The meeting point is Mathura Station.

Where: Mathura Junction, Access Road, Shanti Nagar, Mathura

Date & Time: Mon 21 Mar, 09:00 AM



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