Hinglish Stand-up Comedy on Relationship in Hyderabad




‘RelationShip or RelationShit’ is a Hinglish Stand-Up Comedy show about Relationship and of course the other side of a relationship, i.e. Relationshit. This show will tell you everything about Relationship. What happens in a relationship? Why most of the people never get a partner while some of them always have in spare? Why some people are always very happy and others unhappy? Why some of them are never able to understand their partner while others always make sure that the partner is happy?

This show will not be a regular Stand-Up, it will try to find out the answers to the unsaid question – Whether we are in a Relationship or Relationshit?!

Artists: Umesh Somani, Appurv Gupta


Where: But…er, 1264-A Road, Number 64, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sun 05 Jun, 07:00 PM



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