Himalayan Music Festival Edition 3 for music lovers!




Himalayan Music Festival – A unique amalgamation of music, culture and arts, bring the global culture of Psy Trance in the lap of the very charming Himalayas. The festival is for all the Psy music lovers from across the world, where they can rediscover music in a way like no other!
Himalayan Music Festival does not only promote music and culture but it also propagates drug free music festival, as by doing so they want to reach out to the people to become aware of their individual responsibilities.
The Himalayan Music festival, started in 2014, boasts of being a unique concept to support a cause and bring people together by promoting music, culture and arts.

Artists: Audiogramme, Braindrop, Loose, Psytronic, Pulse, StarLab, Spiritual Demons, Vaeya, Vial, Virus, Viruslab


Where: Great Himalayan Resort, Great Himalayan Resort, Bhagsunath, Dharamshala

Date & Time: Sat 07 May, 12:00 PM



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