Hilsa Ahoy!

Bengali’s rejoice, cause your favourite season is here! Arrival of Monsoon always brings joy to the Bengalis not for the rains but for their favourite fish “Hilsa”. To satiate the Bengali craving – Esplanade – Indiranagar has conjured up a special Hilsa Festival Menu with delectable preparations. One can choose from Boneless Hilsa steamed with mustard, Boneless Hilsa roasted in bottle gourd leaf, Hilsa cooked with fresh yogurt and mustard, Stewed Hilsa in Tamarind sauce, Hilsa cooked in coconut milk with Gondhoraj Lime, Hilsa simmered in hot mango pickle curry and many more.
Where: Esplanade, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
When: 1st – 19th August 2018, 12 noon – 3.30 pm7 pm – 11 pm.
Call: 080-40927878


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