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What can be more comforting than piping hot soup, dim sum and good company on rainy afternoons? While for some, home is a magic haven for all seasons, we decided to step out and head towards Kondapur where the newest addition to Hyderabad’s foodscape, Tim Tai, is located.

At an accessible location, especially for the corporates, this quirky deli is pretty much always brimming with people. The earthy brown signage of Tim Tai, the glass wall covered with a picture of cherry blossom, cute mini planters on shelves, green sofas, floral upholstery and bright yellow tables give the place a warm, fresh and friendly vibe. Guess that’s where the theory of Tim – the keeper of tradition and Tai – the enforcer of the new, comes into being.

As we are escorted to a table around a tree, we are handed three menu cards. One for mocktails – a bright yellow, one for their special dim sum in white, and the starters and a turquoise main course menu. All three menus not only show off the USP of the restaurant but also spoil you for choice.

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Going by the manager’s suggestions, from the mocktail menu, we ordered Tim’s No. 1 and a Peach Iced Tea. The former is made with tomato juice, freshly sliced ginger and peach – a unique and interesting take on the well known Virgin Mary. We follow this up with a sweet corn chicken soup to warm our systems for the gastronomical journey we are about to take.

For starters are Chicken and Water Chestnut Sui Mai dim sums, a portion of banana leaf wrapped fish with Balinese spices and Drums of Heaven, Hong Kong style. Individually, each starter has its own interesting flavours, but what we enjoy the most is pairing the banana leaf wrapped fish with Balinese spices with the Tim’s No 1. For anyone who loves their spices, the fish might seem a bit bland but a sip of Tim’s No. 1 followed by a bite of the fish should do the trick. The ginger, peach and tomato flavour mixed with Balinese spices is perfect and makes the fish more enjoyable.

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By the time it comes to the main course, we are half way to the last stop of our food journey, but give in when the manager suggests we try a house special. The Tim Tai special chilli coriander noodles – a mix of crispy and soft noodles to be eaten as is, without any curry on the side, is the second best item of the evening with the right spice and the right flavours.

The best part, especially for those with a sweet tooth comes post dinner. Sticking to the house special, we order ourselves a portion of Water Chestnut Rubies with Coconut Milk. The rose-flavoured water chestnut rubies complement the sweet coconut milk making for a perfectly sweet evening to end on a sweeter note. While departing though, we are given tiny bits of white chocolate paan – paan covered with white chocolate. Trust us when we say, that this can convert someone who doesn’t like paan, to loving it almost instantaneously!

Tim Tai is at: Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Stone Ridge Centre, Opposite Google, Kondapur, Hyderabad. +91 9964878000

+91 40 6588 6262



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