Hic! Hic! Hurray


Hic! Hic! Hurray

An evening spent at Bengaluru’s new hot and happening night spot is going to leave you Sotally Tober the morning after!!!

With a name so drunk, one can only expect and look forward to a night of revelry, with much food and fine drink being the highpoint of the evening. Koramangala’s newest hot spot has been striking the right cord with the city’s foodies and tipple bugs, what they their super selection of pub grub, snazzy cocktails and vibrant ambiance.

Started by friends Prarthna Pratap, Niveditha Devraj and Karthik Shankar, who quit their day jobs for this infinitely more fun nocturnal gig, Sotally Tober is completely unique with its two-storey bare interiors, paint-splattered walls and deep comfy sofas with teapots, egg beaters, pickle jars and jam pots masquerading as lamp shades. The concept was to simply create an environment that is vibrant and well suited to have great conversations, taste unique and creatively designed food and a varied spirit, beer and cocktail selections.

The menu is a mix of old favourites and interesting innovations like Tober Bites (liquor-infused) and signature cocktails. At the end of a long day when you are looking for the perfect pick-me-up and something delicious to tuck into, whether it’s their classic Whisky Sour or a daring LIT you will find it at Sotally Tober. If you’re into quirky drinks make sure to sample queer concoction like the Sour Chai, Pear Cobblins, Ging-App Martini, Inglish Summer, The Monk Pop or Tiffanies, all lethal blends of spirit and fruit mixes courtesy the always sober mixologist.

And obviously, he wasn’t all that sober when he planned the food menu, for he ended up adding a splash of liquor to almost all his food. There’s a special placed for liquor-infused delights like corn on the cob splashed with vodka, peanut masala tossed with tequila, Old Monk barbeque chicken curry with herb rice, Malabar chilly beef with whiskey-honey dip, and grilled basa marinated in rum, lemon and parsley.

But if your palate can’t handle all the heat, then stick to bar basics like Soto Fish and Chips, Soto Chilli Toast, Crispy Cheese Nachos, Classic Beef Burger and Thai Mac n Cheese (he wasn’t sober when he planned this, we guess)!

In a city that has no dearth of good F&B joints, Sotally Tober is presently the attraction point, all thanks to its sotally unique name and menu that can’t leave you tober even if you try your damnedest.

Just make sure you don’t hauled up for drunk driving after you’ve indulged in an elaborate afternoon meal at this Hic! spot.

Address: Sotally Tober, # 769, 80 ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034

Contact details: +91 80 40965500



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