Hermoso: A Food, Fashion And Lifestyle Pop-Up By Aishwariya R Prithvi And Nethra M Pravin


Hermoso is the first edition of the Food, Fashion & Lifestyle Pop Up by Aishwariya R Prithvi and Nethra M Pravin. Inaugurated by Kiki Vijay and Meena Chhabria, the pop-up was just what the people of the city were looking for.

Hermoso presented the city with Wild Summer – bringing together different brands – giving us the opportunity to splurge on all the right things at the right time. The pop-up brought forth everything from skincare, jewelry to sarees and home décor.

Wild Summer featured a wide variety of brands like Madras Nirvana, Aagurusilks, The Pride shop, Daraa, La D Couture, The Truck Shop, Gee Slivers, and Home Décor, Sparkle Breeze, Roos Food Concepts, Butyfulme Clothing, The Hermoso Shop, Marina’s Boutique, Diyu, Thavam Studioz, Cittahandmade, Little Eli, Shimo bakers, Sunlight Incense, Divine Caterers and many more.

At the end of the day, we can safely say that Hermoso gave one the opportunity to go on a shopping experience that is as well-rounded as it gets!



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