Hello Tempayy A Protein Rich Food Launches In Chennai


Time to give your taste buds a much-needed respite from the traditional vegetarian protein options. Vegolution – a Bengaluru-based food start-up has launched Hello Tempayy, a super bean-based, easy-to-cook food that can be adapted across cuisines, meal occasions, and cooking styles, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This expansion comes close on the heels of the brand’s successful launches in Bengaluru and Hyderabad earlier this year. Tempayy (also known as Tempeh or Tempe) is a delicious, nutritious, wholesome, and 100% vegetarian protein-rich food made by fermenting the best quality non-GMO soybeans. This tasty, ready-to-cook offering is a new source of balanced nutrition and offers a welcome change for vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts who seek new healthy alternatives and variety to add protein to their meals.

Hello Tempayy, is currently available in four variants: Natural, Simply Sriracha, Peppery Szechuan Chilli, and Spiced Tawa Masala. The bold flavours developed by Vegolution will reveal new and unexplored tastes to the modern Indian palate through its range of Hello Tempayy ready-to-cook products.

Siddharth Ramasubramanian, Founder and CEO of Vegolution, said, “In-depth primary research has shown us that vegetarian Indian consumers crave variety and are usually unable to meet their daily protein requirement. Vegolution’s Hello Tempayy will offer vegetarians, fitness enthusiasts, and people who want to make conscious food choices, a range of products suitable across meals and cuisines. More importantly, it will bring flavours and textures that fit the Indian taste profile. We are focused on encouraging people from all walks of life to build a healthy and enthusiastic relationship with food.”

Aiming to take people from protein-deficient to protein-positive with a product that can be embraced as a staple by conscious foodies, Hello Tempayy products are manufactured in a custom-built facility in Bengaluru. Priced between ₹ 130 and ₹ 150 for 200 gm. packs, the product would be available to customers in Chennai through www.hellotempayy.com, e-commerce platforms including Big Basket, Supr Daily, as well as select retail stores such as JK Cheese & More, Amma Naana, and Tryst Gourmet.

Vegetarians in India struggle to find sufficient variety in their daily diets to suit their taste profile and meet the essential protein and vitamins required to meet their nutritional needs. As a result, meals can get monotonous, and consumers are looking for new staples on their main plate. Vegolution is actively working with a network of chefs, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and home chefs to demonstrate the ease of use and versatility of tempeh to customers. Vegolution aims to associate with sporting and other government institutions to provide tempeh as an affordable ingredient to enhance nutrition.



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