Healthy summer tips for pregnant women


Fitness discovery platform Gympik shares some tips:

ginger-277874_960_720 (Copy)

Ginger: You can either take ginger tea or boil some ginger with water and once it cools, add honey to the decoction. Take it 3-4 times a day to ease soreness of the tissues.

Eat Lemons & Oranges: These contain Vitamin C which is an effective way to reduce the frequency of summer cold. You can also take Vitamin C tablets but make sure you consult your doctor before opting for any self-medication.

Maintain hygiene: Maintain proper hygiene to keep germs at bay. Wash your hands before eating or cooking, use sanitizers at places where washing hands doesn’t seem to be an option.

Keep body hydrated: Fluids flush out toxins from our body. Increase water intake.



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