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The cosmopolitan citizens of Bangalore have another reason to cheer and celebrate. The Druid Garden, the garden city’s latest offering in the high-end restaurant space, is up and running, offering guests a truly enchanting dining and entertainment experience. Spread across 14, 000 sqft of prime space in North Bangalore, with lush green foliage peeking out from nooks and corners, The Druid Garden is the one-stop hangout for 15 delectable cuisines and a super heady mix of mocktails, cocktails, liquors, wines and beverages!


As you step out from the elevator on the third floor of a striking edifice, The Druid Garden beckons with full warmth into a space that spells comfort and indulgence. The space evokes a rich feel, thanks to the teak and walnut wood that is liberally used in the interiors. The lighting is muted and the place is spacious and uncluttered, with green potted plants adding on to its natural charm.


The Druid Garden is a superbly designed and aesthetically patterned restaurant with a retractable glass roof opening up in the middle of the communal seating area, providing guests a close encounter with the outdoors. Apart from the communal seating, reminiscent of the German beer gardens with long tables and benches to seat big groups, The Druid Garden offers an elevated seating zone that overlooks the chefs who man the Argentinian style grill.


Opposite to this uniquely positioned zone is a super elevated level which is blanketed by a half wall, allowing guests a greater degree of privacy and an intimate dining experience. The restaurant also boasts of a VIP seating lounge, which is flanked by floating stairways, and also a well-ventilated smoking zone.


The Druid Garden happens to be perhaps one of the only restaurants in India to house a full bar, a soon-to-be operational microbrewery (with a brewmaster from the Czech Republic), a grill and pizzeria, and a well-curated menu by a team of 60 chefs who lavishly dole out mouth-watering Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin American, and Indian cuisines.


The food is wholesome, with garden-fresh organic herbs, veggies, fruits, flowers and the freshest of meat, poultry and fish. The beverages offer exotic liquors, juices, syrups and herbs blended into smooth concoctions.

You may choose to make a beginning with the beetroot shami kebab, or the stuffed mushrooms cooked with spinach and cheese in a traditional tandoor. Though a healthy vegetable, beetroot is seldom seem on restaurant menus. The Druid Garden does a good job in cooking the dark fuchsia-toned vegetable into a succulent starter, something that can go well with a cocktail or a mocktail.


This place has made good use of flowers, as can be seen (and relished) in the zucchini smorrebrod (on rye bread) with tiny pink-and-white flowers welcoming you with out-of-this-world tastes.

Their salad menu is crisp and inviting, reflecting the flavours of the regions that it represents. The campagna burrata is a fresh cheese and tomato salad served with a sweet and tangy blood orange dressing. Sourced fresh from Puttaparthi, the cheese is without any preservatives, soft and melt-in-mouth. They also have a nicely crafted menu of sandwiches, wraps, buns, burgers and pizzas; that use notable ingredients such as alfa alfa sprouts, arugula, goat’s cheese, emmental and provolone cheese. Yes, there’s neither cheddar nor mozzarella on the menu.


Like the rest of the menu, the mains are elaborate, with a good range of choices and some of the freshest ingredients you ever get at restaurants.  But before you get too full with all the food and drinks, consider saving some space for the delicious desserts. The caramely-chocolaty hazelnut torte is done to perfection. So are the other desserts, specially the pumpkin ice-cream, which is creamy, and lends a distinct flavour to your overall experience. Yea. How often have you tried pumpkin ice-cream? Well, you should have it at The Druid Garden.


As you savour each bite and sip, the performance area at the restaurant could be upbeat with a stand-up comedy act, a book reading or a poetry reading session, or a live band performance. The restaurant is keen to organise various entertainment events to give guests a rich, fulfilling experience that will leave them suspended in exhilaration.

The Druid Garden

3rd Floor, Century Corbel Commercial, Sahakarnagar Main Road, Bangalore – 92

Website: https://www.thedruidgarden.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/druidgardenblr/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedruidgarden/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedruidgarden

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNzuREhBXsba4EbBYhFkuyg




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