Haute Chutney’s Exhibition at The Collonnade – Leela Palace Bangalore


Haute Chutney is Bangalore’s newest venture organizing curated pop-ups around the city. The duo, Sonali and Rashi have come together to create unique platforms for specialized shopping experiences. Sonali runs an exclusive paper products business, is a creative designer at heart, and after spending years in US and Hong Kong brings international sensibilities to their events. Rashi post her return from California and ran her own fashion and footwear line for many years before launching Haute Chutney; she brings that unique fashion and trends sensibility to their platform.

They are now promoting local talent through their shows, which cannot be seen at regular malls and large format shopping events. Haute Chutney exhibitions are for the discerning eye and people looking for something special to enrich their lifestyles.

Having tastefully launched their Diwali Extravaganza Event in Oct 2016, which brought together 25+ unique artists, fashion designers, bakers, handicraft creators, and was a sold-out success, they are now presenting “Valentine’s Spring Fling” Exhibition, on Thu 9th February, 2017, 10:30 am to 8 pm atThe Collonnade, The Leela Palace, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. This is a larger format event featuring 40+ stores at a marquee location and includes designers from Mumbai and Chennai as well.

With over a decade of experience in participating in shows across Bangalore, Sonali and Rashi, as Haute Chutney, are now bringing together some of the best talent from our city, and across the country, featuring lifestyle segments, including fashion, jewellery, home-decor, organic skin-care, art, gourmet food/confectionery and anything unique waiting to be discovered. The “Valentine’s Spring Fling” is an event meant to have people hang out with friends and family and browse and buy interesting products, at a central location, to celebrate a special occasion.

“I love seeing local talent being appreciated though these events, and it gives me pleasure to bring unique products to a wide customer base”, said Sonali, who has seen challenges that small businesses face. “The mall culture is a product of mass market brands, while we are on the lookout for exclusive items which will instill unique sensibilities in our shoppers”, says Rashi, who has travelled and shopped globally and cherishes trendy product with élan.

Entry is Free.




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