Let This Valentine’s Day Be About Everyone


Pets for many of us are our lifeline, our family away from family, and the love of our life! Gourmet pet food brand Harley’s Corner has just the thing to treat the apple of your eye with, this Valentine’s Day. Whether it is savoury meat that gets your pets’ tails wagging or the delicious seasonal sweet, we have treats that have every kind of tooth covered.

This delectable chicken mousse and liver pate icing cake is made with the freshest of Human Grade ingredients and is an absolute treat for your pooch. The gourmet ice cream made with season’s fresh harvested carrots is not only sugar and salt-free but ticks the right boxes to get those tails wagging! So order your box of sweet or savory surprise for your most loyal friend this V-Day and feel the love come bouncing your way.

Visit: www.harleyscorner.in



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