Handcrafted hampers from JW Marriott Bengaluru


Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with handcrafted hampers from JW Marriott Bengaluru

With affection, attachments and a powerful shield called love, comes a celebration greater than all others. This Raksha Bandhan let’s devote it to our loved ones and strengthen this bond with a token of gratitude and signature Raksha Bandhan hampers thoughtfully curated by the JW Marriott Bengaluru

A symphony of goodies, the hampers are filled with the smoothest of chocolates, richest sweets and cookies along with a hand-picked selection of gourmet delicacies

What’s more, we didn’t want to limit your options and so we offer our guests an array of five exclusive hampers

JW Signature Hamper comes with 12/24 pieces of chocolate/Indian sweets, JW Rakhi Gourmet includes, chocolate and walnut banana loaf, a jar of honey, a bar of granola, nine pieces of Indian sweet in a box, a six piece cookie tin and a fruit cake, JW Rakhi Opulent has a curated selection of callebaut chocolate bar, a six piece cookie tin, nine pieces chocolate rocher’s, tea tin, jar of honey, gourmet seeds of your choice and date syrup, JW Rakhi Premium has the signature six piece macarons, nine pieces of Indian sweets, seeds of your choice, vinegar, nuts, two types of bars of callebaut chocolate, gourmet sauce, sesame oil, cookies along with the tea tin.  The JW Rakhi Exemplary luxury hamper with fig balsamic glaze, truffle vinegar, raspberry vinegar, gourmet sauce, macadamia nuts, a box of nine pieces of Indian sweets, pumpkin seeds, a bar of callebaut chocolate, macaroons, chocolate and walnut banana cake and a granola bar

Every single hamper is packed with values as great as your love. So, pick one up and multiply the happiness with the world!

Available: JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Price: INR 850/- to INR 11,450/-

For further details, please contact: +91 8420218486



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