Häfele Launches world’s finest refrigeration technologies from LIEBHERR!


Häfele Launches world’s finest refrigeration technologies from LIEBHERR!

Häfele introduces LIEBHERR, the world’s leader in finest refrigeration in India. LIEBHERR engineering excellence provides the widest range of freezers, refrigerators and wine cabinets across the globe. Häfelehas launched this commitment of excellence and outstanding track record to India 2 years back. Numerous innovative products and ideas, top quality, as well as advanced design make LIEBHERR a leading brand. LIEBHERR has beenpioneering the technology to create innovative refrigeration storage for under counter cabinets.

Häfele’s range of refrigerators from LIEBHERR provides different temperature zones required for various kinds of food to be stored and preserved in the refrigeration unit – all in the same unit. This all is achieved with the most sophisticated electronics and refrigeration technology available today. Even in case of a power cut the LIEBHERR refrigerators and freezers can hold their optimum temperature up to 48 hours eliminating the possibility of loss of nutrients due to sudden change in the temperature inside the refrigerator.


Commenting on the futuristic refrigeration technologies from LIEBHERR, Mr. RadhaKrishna Somayaji, Liebherr India says “The right choice of kitchen appliances can entirely change the way your kitchen looks and functions. Whether your overall kitchen look is classical or modern, appliances always bring in a futuristic appeal and functionality to your kitchen. We bring to you LIEBHERR, the best in refrigeration technologies from the heart of Germany”

LIEBHERR’s integrated appliances, SICBN 3356 and SICN 3366: LIEBHERR’s integrated appliancesare both fully concealed behind a cabinet door and Installed in a tall kitchen cupboard so that refrigerator doors simply opens in unison with the cupboard door.


  • The SICN 3366 comes with The IceMaker, which with its own water tank makes perfect ice cubes every time. With a 1.2 litre capacity, the water tank is a clever solution if the mains water quality is poor or if the appliance is not plumbed-in.
  • The SICBN 3356 is a feature packed unit that is equipped with a Bio Fresh compartment where food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance 3 times longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology the temperature is accurately kept at just above 0°C. The Bio Freshcompartment, ideal for storage of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meats, can be used as either Hydro Safe (high humidity, suitable for fruits and vegetable) or Dry Safe (low humidity, suitable for fish, meat and other dairy products) by a simple adjustment of the humidity control panel.

LIEBHERR’s Freestanding Refrigerator (CBNES 5167) takes a step ahead by providing flexibility for tailored storage with the versatile BioFresh-Plus. The BioFresh-Plus can be set to temperatures of -2˚C, 0˚C and+6˚C as compared to BioFresh that maintains temperature just above 0˚C.The ideal storage temperature for fish and seafood is just below freezing. The BioFresh-Plus drawers with independent electronics allow you to vary the settings for seafood where the temperature can be lowered to -2° C. Together with the Dry Safe setting, the fish stays fresher for longer.

LIEBHERR’s Side-by-Side Freestanding Refrigerator (SBSes 7353) presents large capacity storage solutions specially designed taking into account the Indian food consumption system. They offer ample space for large food stocks with four temperature zones for perfect food storage. When refrigerating large amounts of food you have a choice of zones; BioCool, BioFresh, Refrigerator and Freezer

The high precision, BioCool zone allows choosing 6 levels of temperature that can even store extremely sensitive fruits, vegetables or sea food items.



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