Guinness World Record Set In Longest Marathon Carrom Playing


Chennai based Carrom players Aswin Soundararajan and P.Mohanakrishnan set a Guinness World Record by playing for 56 hours, 1 minute, breaking the previous Guinness record made by Husna Sameera and Alllada Pawan from Andhra Pradesh who made it at 34 hours, 45 minutes, 56 seconds. Earlier the 1st record was made in Texas USA by four players Narayan Paranjpe, AtulKharecha, Prakash Kagaland Pamod Sen who played for 32 hours and 45 seconds in 2005.

The event was inaugurated by PB. Sekaran I.R.S. The Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, V. Nandakumar I.R.S. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax and Gokulam Gopalan President of Malayalee Club and the game was played at “The Malayalee Club” Chennai from February 26 to 28, 2021. The carom game was officially recorded and observed in the presence of V. Nandakumar and JH. Martin, General Secretary, Tamil Nadu carom Associations as a witness, a team of four national umpires and three international referees CS. Subbaraman, A. Lingaraj Kannan, R. Srinivasan. The duo started playing the game at 9.40 AM on 26th February 2021, with a total duration of 56 hours 1 minute ended at 5.41 PM on 28th February 2021.

Two Synco Carrom Boards Of International Standard one regular Champions Genius 20mm Carrom Board and another one Green Carrom Board Champions Genius were used. Playing total boards 816, Sets 107, games 81, one white Slam made by P.Mohanakrishnan.

The players paid a sum of rupees ten lakhs towards achieving this Guinness record despite their poor economical status. The carrom game has to be added at the university level. The major support for this Guinness record attempt was provided by The Malayalee Club, Chennai. The government should encourage these types of initiatives.



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