Green Energy’s Golden Boy


Vummidi is a name that most Chennai folks would ascribe to the century-old Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers family. RITZ recently got chatting with the next generation Vummidi, a 23-year-old who has ventured out of his comfort zone to find his calling in life.

 There is more to young Kritish Vummidi than just his famous surname. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Coventry University, Kritish decided to turn his passion for a green lifestyle into a lucrative business venture. “Hence V Renewable Energy was born!”  Today V-Energy focuses on ushering in rooftop solar solutions for homes and offices. “You can rest assured that you will not have to shell out more money once we have set up the solar panels. V Renewable Energy provides customers with a 25-year warranty, something that no other company can offer,” says Kritish.

Following the Make In India trend, V Renewable Energy has all its equipment manufactured in the country by an approved local vendor. “They are one of the two companies that offer green energy solutions in the country,” Kritish reveals. The young entrepreneur seems to have a keen eye for business, a trait that he confesses he has acquired from the being part of the VBJ family. Teeming with enterprise, Kritish is looking to diversify into providing biogas solutions, water and waste management and setting up miniature windmills in rural areas.

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We ask Kritish about challenges he faces as a young entrepreneur to which he answers, “When I take part in meetings, people are a little apprehensive to see someone my age address them. I think they prefer dealing with someone older. But once we get down to business and are able to prove our mettle, they are a bit more welcoming. We have learnt that the trick to getting people’s attention is to first sell them the concept and then offer the product.”  A pretty efficient strategy, he assures us.

Inspiration comes to Kritish on a daily basis. “I am surrounded by people who inspire me,” he says. The entrepreneur believes that one can learn something new from all the people one meets every day.  “It is up to you to use that knowledge to better yourself,” Kritish adds. Although joining the family business is always an option, Kritish believes that his passion lies elsewhere.  Kritish tell us, “Right now I don’t have any free time because of all the work that is required to build this company. I want to make my company synonymous with renewable energy, not just in Chennai but all over India.”

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Before his busy schedule and jam-packed calendar, Kritish enjoyed travelling and Helsinki in Finland is his favourite pick. He says that the silence is something that appeals to him and “it is its beauty in the summer months that makes me love the city.”

If this isn’t enough Kritish has his hands full with another project, a food curating start up called ‘FoodMash’ which gives the customer an option to have food delivered from two or more restaurants.  The app is set to go live soon.

On the whole Kritish Vummidi seems to have his life goals in place and age surely is the least of his concerns as he scripts his success story.



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