GREED – Kills everything (A Photo story Exhibition) by V. S. Anandha Krishna at Amortela


Human emotions are volatile and at the direst of moments, they bring the best and worst in people. The most destructive of all emotions is greed, which not only kills the perpetuator but also those on the other end.  Being struck by the calamitous nature of events, the concept of GREED was birthed by V.S. Anandha Krishna, one of Chennai’s most prolific photographer, who brings us an astounding repertoire of images, a state of the art display of a photo series talking about the ‘greed’ that overpowers humanity. The concept of man’s greed is conveyed through a collection of 13 frame visual photo story from the perspective of nature and how we seem to exploit its abundance.

The photo exhibition will be displayed between 4th till 13th May at Amortela, New No.25, Old no. 12, Kasturi Rangan Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018 – starting from 7 pm. The photo story is a confluence of ideas reflecting man’s course of destruction and apathy to other life forms. Witness it in person to marvel at the brave endeavour.



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