Grand Summer Fashion Soirée by TINA VINCENT

Spring has sprung and as we look forward to sunnier skies, the weather has officially warmed up and there’s that balmy hint of humidity lingering in the air. It might be the nostalgic sound of the waves hitting the sand on the beach or moonlit poolside terraces ..we mustn’t forget to plan our summer wardrobe, says Tina Vincent Thus what better look to channel than that of Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fashion – the perfect inspiration to bring out your inner fairy.
Tina Vincent wishes you to embrace your inner feeling by wearing gorgeous garments and accessories and delving into nature. Have perfect picnics in floats frocks, hit a beach party with shimmer skirts, enjoy the poolside with the sexy bikinis..
Dreams, fairies and the existence of magic emphasize the theme of imagination. Dark color has become ubiquitous. It’s sexy, flattering, neutral and daringly individualistic. Kiiran Valentine got inspired by night dream darkness and has created his collection. And he has used the shades of pink and beige to show the beauty of dusk and dawn.


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